Basic guide to new alchemy

I wrote this guide for people who are still confused by the new Alchemy update. I took another approach then Joymax did on the Main site. They explain almost everything in detail, but don’t explain clearly how Alchemy works in the game. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible. Have fun.

– By-products: drop from mobs
– Tablets: drop from mobs
– Void Rondo’s/Destroyer Rondo’s: sold at grocery shop
– Elemental Stones: gained through alchemy
– Alchemy/Attribute Stones: gained through alchemy
– Astral/Immortal Stones: Item Mall
– Speed increase Potions: sold at grocery shop/gained through alchemy.

Step 1: Hunt mobs. They drop by-products and Tablets.
Step 2: Disjoint by-products (or items), using Void Rondo’s (Destroyer Rondo’s). You will gain Elemental Stones.
Step 3: Combine the Tablet and the Elemental Stones through alchemy. You will gain Alchemy/Attribute Stones (Potions).
Step 4: Enhance your item.

This is basicly all there is. Ofcourse you want to know how to gain a certain Stone, and what you need in order to do so. I will now discuss the process in detail. I’ll start at Step 2, since Step 1 speaks for itself.


Step 2: Disjointing by-products or Items
Press Y to open your alchemy window. You need the first page (Material Processing).

2.1) Disjointing by-products
– There are many different by-products. From my experience there are 2~4 per mob.
– Look at the by-product description. It will tell you exactly how many Elemental Stones of which degree you will gain (picture).

Put Void Rondo’s in the left slot. Put by-products on the right. You can disjoint more than one by-product at the same time. Make sure you have enough inventory space. Press Fuse (to disjoint one) or Fuse All.

2.2) Disjointing Items
– Every Item can be disjointed.
– Blue/better items seem to give more Elemental Stones.
– There is a change to gain Alchemy/Attribute Stones.
– By disjointing an item, you will lose the item completely.

Put Destroyer Rondo’s in the left slot. Put the Item on the right. You can disjoint one item at the same time. Scrolling over the item in your alchemy window will tell you how much Destroyer Rondo’s will be used (anyone who knows if this also accounts for by-products??). Press Fuse.

Step 3: Producing Alchemy Stones, Attribute Stones or Potions
Press Y to open your Alchemy window. You need the first page (Material Processing).

– There are three ‘main’ types of Tablets: Jade (produces Alchemy Stone), Ruby (produces Attribute Stone) and Saphire (produces Potion)
– Each ‘main’ type is divided into different types, which determine the kind of Stone/Potion it will produce.
– Look at the Tablets description. It will tell you the amount (units) and degree of Elemental Stones you need to produce the Stone/Potion (picture)
– The degree of the Tablet determines the degree of the Alchemy/Attribute Stone (Potion??) it will produce.

Put the Tablet in the left slot. Put the right amount and degree of Elemental Stones on the right. Press Fuse.

Step 4: Enhancing your item
Press Y to open your Alchemy window. Go to the second page (Attribute Enhance).

Put the item you want to enhance in the left slot. Put the Alchemy/Attribute Stone of the same degree on the right. Press Fuse, and hope for the best.

– Attribute assimilation may occur. This means another value then the value you are modifying may change. Attribute assimilation doesn’t occur when granting steady, immortal, lucky and astral.
– When the alchemy is succesful, the current value resets, and a new value will be determined. This means the result can be higher or lower than the current value.


That’s about it. Tell me what you think! If you have any corrections/additions, let me know, and I will add them. Also, since English isn’t my first language, I would appreciate it if someone would have a look at the grammar. It might contain some weird sentences and non-existible words (like non-existible? ).

Thanks for your attention.

source : SilkroadTavern


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